Monday, April 20, 2009

Are we there yet?

For all of you avid blog readers, here is the latest and probably last preggo pic of yours truly. I'm currently in the last week and feeling it. I've had a pretty bad cold for the past week and a half and have been left with not much of a voice. Hopefully it is long gone before labor begins.
Jeff and I have "everything" ready to go and welcome our little Benny home. By everything, I mean all of the baby knowledge that we have been informed of, educated in, and/or stumbled upon in the past 9.5 months. We have our idea of how things are going to go but I'm sure that things are not going to go "as planned". But we are very excited and really looking forward to this new adventure. So, to all of you "seasoned" parents out there, be on alert, you may be phoned from time to time with what may seem like silly or outrageous questions. Just be patient and try to remember what it was like being the new parent on the block. We can't help ourselves. :-)

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Liz said...

I think I can almost see him in this picture! :-) It's time Benny!