Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sledding With a Toddler

As many of you experienced parents know, sledding with a toddler is not all of the laughter and rosy cheeked excitement that many of us remember as kids. Once I heard that we were getting a nice fresh snow this past weekend, I began to formulate grand plans of taking B sledding on campus. I had recently purchased a couple of different types of sleds at Goodwill (BTW, great place to buy sleds for cheap) and we were going to pack them up on Saturday morning and meet a couple of friends out at the slopes. Well, we ended up changing our location to that of some friends that were meeting us and this new location was a little walk from the car. I had opted to dress B in his snow pants on site so that he would be a little more comfortable in the car. Some might call this a rookie mistake...he was a little chilly when I put on his outer layers in the back of the car. I know this because he actually said - in the clearest little toddler voice - ccccccooooollllllddddd. Poor little guy. But I pressed on and got him all bundled up and pulled him out to where our friends where sledding. We went down the hill once together, climbed back up, got the other two sleds out to try and then went back to the car to warm up. This is when we decided that we were done for the morning and that we would call it a successful sledding day and head home. Total fun, rosy cheek snow time = 10 minutes...tops. From now on, I think we are going to stick with the bunny slopes in our back yard.

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The Schenk Family said...

Sorry, I missed this but it looks like a lot of fun was had.

Also I love the pillows and pictures from your last post.