Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sew Nice!

For the past three Tuesday nights I have been slaving away, over a sewing machine that is. This winter my parents got me a brand spanking new Singer sewing machine. Nothing too fancy or complicated, just the basics. I was determined to figure that thing out and make something with it. Well, opportunity finally crossed my path and I seized it! A local sew/quilt shop was starting a beginner's sewing class and it fit the bill with what I was looking for. I made sure that those ladies knew that I knew absolutely nothing about that machine, just in case there was another class that was for the level below beginner. I'm not quite sure what that would be called though. Anyways, two of the other coaches' wives and I signed up and that was our entire class. We picked out a pattern and fabric, got familiar with our machines (I named mine Susie)and got to work practicing. I was amazed at all of the science and engineering behind sewing. And I thought it was just a needle going up and down. Well, to sum it up, I don't know how many homemade outfits that I will be making in the future but Susie and I will definitely be working together again. You may even find yourself as one of the lucky recipients of one of our "projects"...

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