Monday, April 28, 2008

How many words do you know?

So, you may know this already but last month we celebrated our "daughter", Mickey's second birthday. We have been Mickey's adoptive parents for the past two years while she has gone through all of her wonderful puppy stages. A little background of Mickey: her mother was a Cajun and was rescued after Katrina. A co-worker of mine heard we were looking for a puppy and got me in touch with her vet, who made the rescue. We think that she is part border collie and beagle. In short, we were united with our little pal right before we moved to Greenville.
Well, the other day, Jeff came home talking about this border collie named Rico. He was explaining to me that this dog was super smart and knew over 200 words in multiple languages. Wow! If you think about it, that is super smart for any animal. So one night last week at dinner, we started writing down all of the words that Mickey knows and responds to correctly (80% of the time). She knew 20 words! Since we have not done any formal training with her, I think that is pretty good. Who knows where her vocab will be 5 years from now. She may be able to finally recite those prepositions.

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