Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This past weekend Jeff and I attended one of Greenville's crown jewel events, Agapefest. This festival of Christian music draws around 5K men, women, and youth (I think that 4K of them were jr. highers) from various parts of the Midwest. For those of you who are not familiar with this GC event, it is a weekend filled with camping, funnel cakes, and great Christian artists sponsored by Greenville College. Jeff and I had never been before, so we declared this year to be "the one". Our first Agapefest experience. We went through the schedule and picked out all of the bands that we wanted to see and we were set to go.
Well, we didn't really make it out on Friday night. Got a little sidetracked (or I guess you could call us too lazy). So we finally decided to go walk around on Saturday. Wow, it was crazy with all of the youth groups running around. First off, you have to understand one thing about Jeff and I, we aren't really concert people. We really aren't even crowd people. So after about one lap around the festivities we were ready to hit it. Since we live less than a mile from the fairgrounds we had the luxury of coming and going. After dinner we went back out with our camping chairs and blanket (it was COLD) to listen to the final two shows of the evening. It was great to see so many young people and adults in communion together. That is what I think we both enjoyed most about the weekend. Just being one voice (a loud one!) with other Christians in praising God. We look forward to going to more events like Agapefest and hopefully even taking our kids' youth group to events like it in the future.

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