Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mickey's little friend...or not.

On Sunday, I let Mickey out on her line for a little sunshine and exercise. Since we don't have a fenced in back yard we put up this zip line thing that keeps her in the yard but lets her move around a lot more than a stake in the ground. Well, she had only been out maybe for 30 minutes when she started barking. I figured it was one of two things; she wanted to come in or there was a cat out there teasing her. When I went out to check on her I saw something in the side of the yard. It was a raccoon! What surprised me most was that it was out in broad daylight. They usually only come out at night. After I took a few pics, I decided to chase it off since I didn't want Mickey mixing with the likes of a raccoon. :-) It didn't seem too scared of me so I had to up the ante a little and beat a big stick against the ground while I was walking towards it. I guess that did the trick because it turned and slowly walked away, so I guess I'm not too intimidating.

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