Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a goal!

So while I was reading today's headlines, I came across this story. Since Jeff and I have recently enrolled ourselves in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I was very interested to read more about this family. So I went to their blog and found out the following. They are a family of four that have recently started their own financial challenge: to live on $1,500 for one year for groceries, household items and personal expenses (haircuts, medical copays). Wow! Now mind you, they have stockpiled plenty of non-perishable deals before they started the challenge and admit that they probably wouldn't have been able to even attempt such a feat without their stockpile but! If you read on about how they used deals and coupons to build up their stockpile, the true value of it would far outweigh what they actually paid. have to live in an area that these deals are readily available in and you have to have the time to plan out all of your shopping/couponing/wheeling and dealing.
I do admire that while they are striving for their goal, they are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their family and reinforcing family time throughout the month with their $0 spend days. They are very honest with how they are doing in their challenge which makes you want to root for them to ultimately succeed in their goal. If nothing else, they are shining a light on us all to look out how we spend our money.

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pdisandro said...

Okay, for some reason, they have now shut down their blog. So, you will be unable to see their progress.