Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Is A Party

B had his 2 year well check-up today and passed with mostly flying colors. He has been hit full force by allergies again so he was wheezing, but other than that everything checks out. He got his last shot (other than annual flu) until kindergarten and he doesn't have to be seen again until his 3 year appt. Because of his wheezing, she did bump him up to two steroid treatments a day and prescribed Nasonex to maybe help his drainage from getting stopped up in his ears. As with past doctor visits we took new measurements and he has stayed pretty true to the course. He is a big boy. She said there was no reason to worry about his weight though because he is very proportionate and his weight percentage is creeping down instead of being off the charts.

Weight: 34 lb = 95%
Height: 37" = 97% (he had to stand for the first time to take this measurement)
Head Circumference: 20" = 92%

Everything looked good developmentally and normal on the autism screening. His vocabulary has exploded in the past couple of months. He wants to "try" anything that is cooking on the stove or that Mommy or Daddy is eating. He loves to go outside to "pay". He loves to play with cars and tractors and LOVES any kind of ball. His Uncle Jesse got him a basketball hoop for Christmas and he shoots all kinds of balls through that hoop. He loves other kids but is usually shy at first but then goes all out to "pay" with them. No potty training yet but it is on the horizon since he is moving to his new classroom, which features an open toilet area, next week. Overall, he is just a pretty happy little boy, for which we are so grateful that the Lord charged us with his care. He brings us so much joy each and every day.

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