Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Days

Jeff has officially started his football camp season. Last week he worked seven days straight of camps. First, the Greenville College youth camp, followed by 4 days of the Midstate Lineman Camp at IL Wesleyan. Beniah and I accompanied him to Bloomington on his first Father's Day. We didn't want to be without Daddy for that long. Next week we will leave for two weeks in the Chicago area where Jeff will direct his annual Bears Youth football camps. He only has two of them this year.
The past week has been unbearably hot here. One thing that I have noticed about Beniah is that he is hot-bodied, just like his daddy. If we are outside too long or he is in his carseat too long in the heat, he does not like it at all. When you take him out of it he is drenched. Hopefully we will get a reprieve next week and we can give the air conditioning a break.


Andy said...

Tell Jeff I envy his tan.

pdisandro said...

I think that he got it walking to the car the other day. It makes me sick. Oh well, my skin will be nice and wrinkle free when we are old and gray. :-)

Monica B said...

He looks like his daddy here!