Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You may have been wondering...

Last week I returned to work on a PT basis. The timing actually worked out really great when Ben was born since his first three months included the summer. Our arrangement this summer is that Jeff stays home with Ben in the mornings while I go to work and I stay home with him in the afternoons when Jeff goes into the office. Our sleep situation is still a little on the fritz. He gets a little fussy at night due to gas (I think). But he does get a good couple of 3-4 hour stretches in there towards the early morning hours. Jeff has been great about staying up with him when he is fussy so that I can sleep and be at least half-way rested for work the next morning. He is also not liking to sleep in his crib, which we are trying to work on. We also think that he is in another growth spurt because he is slowly creeping out of his 3 month clothes. I think that I will be washing his 6 month wardrobe pretty soon.

This is the view when I left for work yesterday morning. Aren't they cute. You can't see Mickey but she is sleeping in the chair right beside them.


The Penners- Joel, Emily, and Ella said...

I was wondering about you guys! Thanks for the update! Your little guy is getting so big, I cannot believe he'll be in 6 month clothes soon!

Anyway, we'll have to catch up again soon... :)

fblife said...

so sweet!