Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This weekend we had a big trip West, and visited family in the Chicago area. We stayed at Papa and Gramma's house and went to Malone's game vs. TIU (we won 34-0) where we met up with GG, Uncle Justin, Aunt Anna, and our friend Bobby. After the game we went to a little party at GG's house where we had some awesome chili and all of the fixins and got to see Aunt Betty. This morning we did a little early trick-or-treating with Gramma before heading back to OH. It was great to see everyone and great to get a win on the road.
On Saturday morning, I was out running an errand and happened to notice a garage sale that looked like it had kids items on my way back to the house. I had been talking to my MIL earlier about things that would be useful to have at their house when we visit and that we could look for at garage sales or consignment stores. So on a whim, I decided to stop and look around to see if they had anything interesting. Right away, I noticed a big pop-up play tent and knew that B would get a kick out of playing in that. I also found a fold-up booster chair with tray that was actually one of the items that we were going to keep a look-out for. They were both a pretty good deal at $5 a piece (thanks Gramma!). Once I got back to the house, I put the tent up for B and he LOVED it. He kept crawling in and out of it and he would sit in it and have us read him books in it. We currently have it set up in our living room now and he has already been in it a couple of times since we've been home tonight. Some other fun things he got to do this weekend were painting a pumpkin at Papa and Gramma's, pet tons of dogs, get tons of doggie kisses, watch movies in the car, and eat special Halloween cupcakes.

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