Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh to be a kid again...

Yesterday, Gwen (my 5-year-old niece), Mom, and I made the trek out to the St Louis Magic House. It is a children's museum that my siblings and I just so happened to visit when we were in kindergarten. I think that Gwen had a pretty good time. She was definitely enjoying the many hands on activities that they had for kids of all ages. Her age almost seemed like the perfect age to get the most out of almost all of the exhibits.
It was 20 years ago but, I did remember some things about the Magic House. The actual structure of the building used to be an old 3 story house but it has been expanded by more than 100% and they are currently adding on another annexed building which will again more than double the museum's size. I only remember a couple of other parts; the wall where you can push the little plastic needles through to make shapes, the rubber band wall, the static ball that made your hair stand on end, and the best part the big swirly slide at the end. Gwen had to go down the 3 story slide twice (she flipped over somehow the first time). I had to give her credit, she was a little shaken up, but she got back on it to do it again. Afterwards we told her that her daddy had gone down that same slide almost 25 years ago. She didn't seem to want to believe that. (Hee hee). Some new parts that I think we all enjoyed were the Lewis and Clark trail (kind of Indiana Jonesish), the Waterworks, and the craft room on the basement level. I would definitely recommend the Magic House to anyone with young children through grade school. There is something there for everyone and yes, even us adults are amused and entertained at the Magic House .

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Destiny Wilson said...

Gwen has not stopped talking about the Magic House. Thanks for spending time with her.