Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes...I know...I'm one of "those" ladies now.

So, with the crunch from higher gas prices, food, etc. I've decided to have a go at this trend that is sweeping the nation: no, not hitching up the mules, but a little something called CVSing and couponing. I've only dabbled a little in the CVS world and am by no means an aficionado. I'm kind of more like a parasite actually, I take others ideas (from blogs and websites) and use them for my own benefit. But, that is what they are out there so I don't really feel bad about it. It's a great little deal where you can spend little to no money on everyday essentials. My problem is that I have to tell myself, that we can only use so much toothpaste so I don't have to get every deal. It is just the two of us and Mickey so I don't bother buying stuff we won't use unless I can get it for free and then all bets are off. I'm sure I can find someone to take it!

Now couponing, I think I've got a little better handle on. It's pretty easy; clip your coupons (online, paper, etc.) and again visit a few sites to help with your list and voila! You've got a ton of free stuff (see pic for my free goodies from last week's trip to WM). Wal-Mart is a great example of a place to go with coupons that cover the entire cost of an item. With their low prices and a good coupon you may even have overage. Not every store will give it to you but if they do, that extra $ then goes towards the balance on your bill. So if you plan it right, have the right coupons, and don't buy off your list then there you go: MONEY SAVED! My trip last week, was extremely long, but was very rewarding. My starting total was around $140 and I only ended up paying around $55. I did run into one issue though. Apparently there is a coupon limit at WM and I must have hit it because the checker had to call a CSM over to help the transaction along. When asked, she didn't really know the limit but jeez. I counted and I had used 43 coupons. Not bad right? But yes, I could tell by the looks of the those in line behind me...I was one of those ladies. Price you gotta pay though right?


Liz said...

You give me something to strive for Patty!!! :-) Great job!

Destiny Wilson said...

Wow, 43 coupons. Good for you. I used to be better at coupons but not so much anymore. I did use 4 this past week and saved $3.50. I try to only use the coupons if it is for items I would be buying anyway.