Monday, June 16, 2008

What does it have to do with candy?

Okay, so I admit I am conservative but in the grand scheme of things I would probably be labeled more on the liberal side of the conservative family tree. But when it comes to advertising sometimes we just have to ask the question, "When is enough, enough?". My prime target being the recent M&M advertisements that you can find online, on TV, on billboards, in print ads, etc. Since when do you need sexual innuendo to sell chocolate candies? Seriously. Why do they think that they have to jump on the sex sells bandwagon in order to sell bags of good quality candy? After seeing some of their ads, and the tactics that they are using to get America's attention, it actually makes me not want to buy any more of their product.

Why candy? You would think that their largest target audience would be kids and families but what kind of message are they sending, really? I realize that every company is battling for a "piece of the pie", but to stoop to sexual innuendo to sell their product is a little much for me to handle. What do you think?

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