Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Weekend

The past weekend we did several things for the first time. Well, not for the first time ever but for the first time toting a newborn. Jeff's parents came down on Saturday and stayed with us for the weekend. Gramma and Papa kept saying how big he had gotten since they were here for the delivery. He is definitely one growing boy. I don't know how much newborns usually eat in one sitting but this guy can put it away. Sometimes he eats 6-7 oz in one sitting.
Well, the "firsts" that I was referring to were Ben's first stroller/walk through Greenville, his first trip to church and time in the nursery, and his first grocery shopping excursion outside of G'ville. I'm happy to report he did very well during all three. There were minimal tears and very little fussiness. He definitely gets his laid back attitude from his daddy (who does tend to fuss a little during shopping trips).

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Monica B said...

Wow, that seems like quite a bit in one sitting! How often is he eating like that? Let me know if you all need any boxes cuz there were a lot left over and packing paper from the previous owners. I can send some back with mom on Saturday.