Thursday, May 21, 2009

Growing Pains?

No, I'm not talking about your old half hour visit with Kirk Cameron. Mr. Ben has decided that he is going to hit a growth spurt and with that be a little fussy. He has definitly spoiled us these past three weeks with the good sleeping and little to no fussiness. Well, the past couple of days, its like we have been living with a different child. He has to constantly be held and will then only go to sleep if someone is holding him up against their chest. We took him in to see the doctor today because we didn't know exactly what was wrong and if this was "normal" behavior at this stage. Their answer was that newborns usually hit a fussy stage around 2-6 weeks while they are regulating and maybe it is a little gas thrown in there as well. While we were there though we had a weigh in and guess who is now 11 lb 10 oz and 23 and 1/4" long. He is averaging a pound a week now. When does that usually slow down? Either way, he is a healthy little boy that probably has a little too much gas. Actually, I've recently given him a little nickname...Mr. Toots. He doesn't seem to mind it right now.

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The Penners- Joel, Emily, and Ella said...

ahh, growing pains. I feel your pain and soon I will be experiencing it with a newborn again... so much to look forward to. Hang in there, there's lots of ups and down the first year!