Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Ellusive Dimple...

I've been on the hunt ever since I first caught a glimpse of it. I never realized this before but, one of the hardest things in the world is to capture a newborn's smile on camera. They occur at random moments (especially when you don't have a camera sitting anywhere near you or better yet one out of the case and ready for the perfect shot). The first time we caught sight of one of Ben's smiles his cuteness factor jumped 100 points (like he could get any cuter) - a little dimple had appeared in his left check. Boy is he going to melt hearts someday. I am making it my mission to catch this rarity on camera though. Even if it means that I have to leave cameras all over the house ready to snap a pic at a moment's notice. If I fail, I guess you will all have to wait for a couple more weeks until we can tag-team him and coax one out of him.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys. God Bless your very cute baby boy. I will be sending something shortly. If we have a girl in the next few years, we can set them up down the road. Can't wait to see his cute little dimple. Hope you are feeling great and getting as much rest as you can with a baby in house. I will try to get a hold of you soon.
Love you guys.