Friday, September 4, 2009

Flexing My Creative Muscle

So Ben and I did a little shopping today. Since we are on a pretty tight budget, we decided to scout out the local thrift store sale. I only go into the thrift store if they are having a sale. I personally think that their prices are a little steep, for yard sale items ya know. Well, I was looking for a few things in particular; fabric, frames, good quality kids clothes, and anything else that inspired me. I have been reading several craft blogs that have inspired me to look at items in a new light. Whether that may be old furniture, an outdated dress, or a simple place mat. Today, I think we did pretty good. (Cause you know Beniah had a lot to say about what we got.) Anyways the sale was $5 for a bag (whatever you could get in the bag and 75% off bigger items that wouldn't fit in the bag) and 1/2 off furniture. Well here is my haul (minus a wooden chair that is still in the back of the car). I paid around $6 for all of this. Do you see inspiration here? I've got some great ideas for a lot of it (we'll see how fast any of them happen though...ahem, "Beniah go to sleep". I will be sure to post the before and afters of them all as they are completed. Wish me luck!

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