Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Very Unfair!

Sorry there isn't a picture to go with this post. It was probably because I wasn't there! Hummmph! Okay, I'm done pouting or at least until I tell you what I'm pouting about. So, I had my yearly eye doctor exam today at 1 pm. Since I have afternoons off this is usually a good time for me to schedule appts. so that I don't have to miss work. Also, B takes a nap around then so I figure hey, he's portable, he can go with and sleep in the stroller. Anyways, Jeff volunteered to take his lunch hour a little later so he could just watch him at home while I was gone. This worked out nicely because he took a late and long nap at Beth's and probably wouldn't have napped for me in the stroller anyways. Well I wasn't gone for a half hour and my phone rings (it was right before the doctor came in for my exam). I saw it was Jeff so I thought emergency of some sort or he had to go back to work early or something like that. So I picked up and he proceeds to crush my day...kind of. Now mind you, his voice is happy and excited and nothing life threatening has happened. But something did happen. Something serious. Beniah finally rolled over! And mommy wasn't there to see it! The same mommy that spends so much time with him encouraging him and helping him "practice". Of course I was happy for him and for Jeff being able to see it but darn it! I wanted to be there too! So, for the next couple of weeks I will be attached to Beniah's side so that I don't miss his second roll. Well, maybe not to that extreme....
And yes, I do realize that I won't be there for every first and that I've already witnessed quite a few but that still doesn't tip the fairness scales for me. Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for listening (reading).

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