Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on "B"

Even though he isn't officially 5 months old until Monday I thought I would get a jump and post his measurements that were taken today.

Weight: 21 lb 14 oz
Height: 27 1/4 in

Some other little tidbits: he hasn't rolled over yet but he is pushing up on his belly, he is always trying to sit up by himself now and with a little assistance accomplishes just that, he is so proud of himself when he "stands" up, he is sleeping in the crib and only the crib now, he is in his new convertible carseat, he is currently sporting 12 and 18 month fashions, he has said mama and daddy (no, not really!), he is constantly busy grabbing or looking at things and of course everything goes into his mouth, no teeth yet, he sleeps an avg of 9 hours a night, he is starting to space out his feedings and take longer naps, we are waiting until 6 mths to start any solids, his eyes have changed to brown and his hair color is still up in the air - some days its really light and some days it is a medium brown color.

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The Penners- Joel, Emily, and Ella said...

what a big boy! can't believe he is changing so fast. :)