Saturday, September 19, 2009

Repurpose Project #1

I love repurposing things and are always on the lookout for items that need a little TLC and a second chance. On my latest thrift store outing, I found this great green frame that used to hold a wall calendar. You know that type that you have to buy a new paper calendar every year to put in the frame.

Anyways, I had been debating on what to get/make my sis for her b'day and kept changing my mind on what I was going to do. They had just moved into a new house with a totally different decorating scheme (from what I gather, I haven't been there yet) so I decided that I would make that frame into something shiny and new for their new home. I hope it will soon be lovingly covered with pictures of O and "to do" and grocery lists. Here is the finished product.

First, I took the board off of the back. Then I sanded it down and spray-painted it black (satin finish) to match one of the colors in their kitchen. Then I attached cork to the board (cut to fit) and nailed the board back on the back of the frame. I finished it off with hanging hooks on both the short side and long side so she could choose where to put it easier. But, wait. What msg. board is complete without the addition of some snazzy fabric button push-pins? I found this tutorial a while back and just had to make some. They were so much fun to make, I had to make myself stop. Don't they must make you smile?

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Monica B said...

I love it and it's already hung on the wall next to the door we head out every morning. Just bills on there now but I know it will be covered soon. I might have to make me some more tacks!!