Saturday, September 19, 2009

GC 19 - Rose-Hulman 18

GC football had its first home game of the 2009 season today and picked up another win. The team is currently 2-1. This was also B's first official football game....ever. (We don't count the scrimmage, earlier during preseason.) This was definitely a big day in his life considering how much this sport has a direct impact on our family. He did really good and ended up taking a couple of naps throughout the afternoon. I had the idea to back my car up to the side of the hill overlooking the field so that I could leave the back open in case the kids needed to lay down to nap. It worked perfectly. I wish I could do that for every game. I've always been a bleacher gal, but with the addition of B, I'm afraid my bleacher days are no more. At least for the next several years.
My sister, BIL, and niece (my mom too!) also came up to see the game. They are great! They always try to see at least one game a season (minus last year when O was born). While they were up they commissioned a local photographer to take O's "1 yr" pics before her b'day party next month. What a cutie! It was fun to see what Ben will be up to in such a short time. She really enjoyed giving her cousin plenty of "kisses" and smacks (to put it lightly). I think she was trying to toughen him up a little.

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